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April 29, 2011

Preparing the Peony

As I did my evening walk around the garden tonight, there was a most welcomed sight…ants! Ants all over the peony. The sight of insects crawling all over a plant can be unsettling; however, sometimes it can be the result of a unique natural partnership, as it is in the case of ants and peonies. A friend of mine once told me never try to get rid of ants that seem to infest peonies, because without them, the buds won’t open. Peony buds are coated with a sugary substance that ants will eat. Once the substance is eaten away, the buds will open. My neighbor was unfortunate to learn this lesson the hard way. Getting rid of the ants, her peony buds never opened and she went an entire season without a single sweet-smelling, gorgeous blossom.

Ants taking care of business

Ants are welcome in the garden; ants in the kitchen are, well, another matter…

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