August is the Cruelest Month

T. S. Eliot wrote “April is the cruelest month.”  Well, I beg to differ.  In my book, August is the cruelest month.  With the merciless heat and humidity, the prolific weeds seem to be the only things enjoying themselves.  While I do have coreopsis, marigolds, phlox and a lovely crape myrtle to comfort me, I realize my garden is far from being late summer-ready.  Guess that will be my challenge to plan for next year.

This week has been quite a doozy here in Virginia.  A rare earthquake on Tuesday, followed by the news that Hurricane Irene would be a weekend guest, sent most Virginians scrambling to assess damage and to prepare for potentially more. For us, memories of Hurricane Isabel in 2003 will never go completely away.  The wind from that storm brought down twenty trees around our house but mercifully, not on it.  Fortunately, Hurricane Irene proved not to be as ferocious as her older sister, and brought more rain than wind.  Hours of torrential rain can still reap havoc, causing large trees to uproot in sustained high winds, but thankfully, we were spared this time.

This morning, I noticed the garden is bit battered.  The scorched coneflower and black-eyed Susan plants were trampled down by the rain, and the hydrangea looked a little weary. The tomato plants appeared to be in the roughest shape, but I could see no real damage.

I took advantage of the bright, beautiful post-hurricane weather, and started cleaning up the beds in preparation for fall, getting rid of spent flowers and foliage, and making room for my mental planning of next year’s garden. Today was my turn to fight back; the weeds were defenseless against my re-energized, determined hands and the rain-saturated ground that held them no more.


One Comment to “August is the Cruelest Month”

  1. You are so dedicated to your plants!

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