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May 15, 2011

Weekend Jam

The weather in our area had been gorgeous all week.  A multitude of sunny days with 70 degree temps strung together is more than anyone could ask for, except for maybe just one more pretty weekend.  The weekend finally arrived and with it, wet weather.  So, what do you do when Mother Nature throws you a curve ball and messes up your weekend outdoor plans?  Make jam, of course!

Strawberry season is underway, and berry picking is just getting started in our area, so I got up Saturday morning and drove out to my favorite PYO (Pick-Your-Own). As I approached the farm, I could see the field filled with people already picking.  The cool, drizzly weather and muddy fields didn’t keep people away.  They understand just how fleeting and precious strawberry season is, and that you have to take full advantage of it while it lasts.  Two days of rainy weather made for a very muddy patch, so it was a good thing I wore my wellies.  On days like Saturday, when I am mission-focused, I just put my head down and muscle my way through the task at hand.  There are other, more leisurely times when my husband and I will spend several hours at a PYO, and pick berries for the winter freezer stock up, but that’s another day, and another trip. There was jam to make Saturday, so I needed to get the picking done quickly, plus it was drizzling and I wanted to get back indoors. Just 30 minutes of picking gave me enough strawberries for my jam recipe with plenty leftover for us to munch on all week.

For my jam recipe, I needed 2 quarts of strawberries for 4 pints of jam.  I think I started the cooking process with the heat a bit too high, and the strawberry/sugar mixture boiled over.  Luckily, I was close by and was able to stop it but not before it made a huge mess on my stove top.  I ended up with 3 pints.  No matter; I am happy with the results.  Maybe I will make another batch next weekend, weather permitting.  For now, I guess I better get the stove top cleaned up. Ugh.

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