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July 9, 2011

Diva Dog

My dog has a bit of an attitude.  Being a German Shepherd with alpha-female tendencies, she can be a bit territorial.  She loves to chase things whether it be her favorite ball, thrown sticks, or another dog that foolishly wandered into the yard.  I have seen her go after deer, squirrels, birds, butterflies and turtles.  Bees…I have seen her chase bees!  Diva Dog has destroyed a pair of curtain sheers on the dining room window trying to “make friends” with the UPS guy.

There has been recently something that has tamed the wild beast in Diva Dog’s heart.  A formidable opponent so strong that it has successfully been able to get into my dog’s head somehow and render her to putty.  I have caught Diva Dog on more than one occasion staring from the window at this trespasser with a sphinx-like trance, as if hypnotized. And what is this villain?  What could bring out the kitten in Diva Dog?  What I found was something quite unexpected.  I could understand if it was something bigger and stronger, but this?


Fie, fiendish villain!

This rabbit’s new favorite place to hang out is around the vegetable patch, of course.  It hasn’t touched anything in the garden since I have netting over it,  but no doubt this rabbit is on some kind of recon exercise, looking for weaknesses in my fortress.  Diva Dog doesn’t seem to mind.  I will be jumping up and down on the deck, flapping my arms, yelling at Diva Dog to “Get the rabbit! Get the rabbit!”  But she doesn’t seem to want to move or take her eyes off it.  Sigh.  Maybe she’s thinking…“Aw, look at the cute little bunny!”


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