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May 20, 2012

Veggie Patch

It seems every year the vegetable patch changes.  I call it “a patch”, but really it is a set of wood boxes my husband has built to use as raised beds.  The raised beds have been such a life-saver since we don’t have to mess with the hard, clay-ish soil we have here.  From year to year, we may change something about the veggie patch, usually we expand it by adding a new box.  This year, we decided to move all the boxes to a sunnier location since the trees nearby have grown, decreasing the hours of full sunlight the patch gets daily.

Last weekend was supposed to be a wet one, and by all accounts, it looked like my only window of opportunity was going to be Saturday morning; after that, rain was expect through Sunday night.  With my new supply of vegetable and herb plants, I set out early Saturday to get the beds moved, readied and planted before the rain.  Relocating the raised beds was easy with two empty boxes; however, one box still had dirt in it from last year, so I had the long (and boring) task of shoveling and transferring dirt to the two empty boxes.  I used a mixture of bagged garden soil, potting mix and humus to supplement the rest.  Because the sky was overcast and threatened to open up and pour at any moment, I worked straight through the task like a madwoman.  Happy to say, I was able to get the third box moved and in place before it started raining.  I was even able to get two boxes planted with tomatoes, onions and herbs.  I plan to plant beans and peppers later in the third box.  This year, I am trying varieties of tomatoes I’ve never tried before:  Black Krim, Beefmaster, Yellow Pear and Sunsugar cherry.  Also, I planted Rutgers and Supersonic, which I hope will be good varieties for sauce and puree.

I encountered several creatures just moving that one box.  An azure-tailed skink and later a toad surprised me, each gently relocated to another part of the garden.  I had feelings of both delight and dread as I uncovered a nest of sleeping baby bunnies in the area where the box was located originally.  I don’t think there is anything much cuter than the sight of tiny, furry baby bunnies with little ears and feet all nestled together, oblivious to the outside world.  With so many little mouths to feed, it looks like I am going to have to reinforce the plants with some netting and maybe even a fence.

Baby Bunnies…what could be cuter?

May 4, 2011

May Blooms

May blooms!

Well, sort of.  A quick assessment of the garden on May Day, revealed a few perennials making entrances, albeit small and quiet ones.

The foxglove is just beginning to open. These bloomed all summer long, and I am hoping for more of the same this year. Foxglove is a biennial, so I will be curiously tracking the ones that bloomed last year to see what they will do. Who knows? Maybe they’ll surprise me.  I planted several that never came to bud, so I anticipate they will bloom this year. We’ll see.

The Dianthus in the front bed is just getting fired up, as are the two geraniums in the background.  Coneflower and black-eyed Susan are in between, quietly waiting for their turn this summer.

The big surprise was the verbena.  I wasn’t so sure it would be back this year, but was happy to find its leaves poking up from the ground, off of what appeared to be dead stems.  I hadn’t noticed any buds on it before but found it flowering all of a sudden.

And last but not least, the lettuce is looking tasty!

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